Liamani 2019    
 Liamani absolutely loves singing, laughing and playing. Liamani is a
 very outgoing, energetic, funny and intelligent young lady. She enjoys
 reading June B. Jones books in her spare time and avoids doing math.
 When Liamani grows up she wants to be a doctor so that she could
 “Help people and get lots of money.” Liamani has shown interest in
 singing since she was 2 years old. She would continuously watch
 The Wizard of Oz and sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”
 Liamani’s “public” musical journey began when she was 6 years old.
 She sang The Nation’s National Anthem at a variety/talent show and
 from there her voice and her name wandered and made its way around
 the United States and to some other parts of the world. She has had
 the fortunate honor to sing at many great events and places. She has
 also had the privilege to meet many wonderful people thus far in her
 musical career. Liamani is very THANKFUL for ALL of you!
 Her favorite songs to sing are: Somewhere Over the Rainbow,
Whitney Houston’s – I Have Nothing or I Will Always Love You,
Celine Dion’s -Titanic- My Heart Will  Go On and The National Anthem.  Some of the great opportunities that Liamani
 has had the honor to participate in include: Being contacted and Tweeted by Ellen Degeneres, “The Real” Television show,
 The kid’s T.V show “The Little Big Shots” with Steve Harvey and being called and streamlined through the audition
process of America’s Got Talent.
She has been able to sing at places such as: Milwaukee Brewers baseball games, Milwaukee Bucks basketball games, The Midwest Horse Fair, Chicago Fire Soccer games, Milwaukee Marquette basketball and LaCrosse games, Harley Davidson’s- The Honor Flight and Celebration, Case Company’s- “Labor Of Love” and The Boy Scouts of America’s 100th anniversary. Liamani has sang on stage before many popular artist/musicians as well, including Country Singers: Kellie Pickler, Kip Moore, Maddie and Tae, Morgan Frazier, Clare Dunn & High Valley.
Liamani absolutely LOVES to sing at places where there are thousands of people, but admits that she LOVES to sing to a person, one on one. She feels that singing to a person that is sick/ill or just having a bad day, is more special and feels that this is why God has given her this beautiful singing talent.
Liamani wants to THANK all of her supporters/fans, friends and family for coming along with her on her musical journey. She hopes to make everyone super proud and hopes that you smile when you hear her sing.
Liamani’s goal is to one day sing for ALL OF YOU at the Superbowl and witness the military flyover!
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